Thursday, 23 August 2012

Dheeye Laadliye.

ਸੁਣ  ਨੀ  ਧੀਏ  ਲਾਡਲੀਏ 


nikke nikke pair tere, nikke nikke hath,
akhiyan ki boldiyan, bhalaa mainu das,
uth tur vekh le jahaan aj saara tu,
nikki nikki akhaan ch samet le nazaara tu, 

thodi vaddi ho k, hun turna tu sikh gayi,
maape tere pichhe pichhe, khedna tu sikh gi,
ma-ma si kardi hundi, papa kehana sikh gi,
sakhiye saheliye  ni maapeyan di laadliye,

pata hi ni lageya samaa kinj beeteya,
nikke nikke hath tere mehandi jogey ho gaye,
tenu le ke jaan wale ghar aa khalo gaye,
baap bina ek aadmi hun zindagi ch aayega,
tenu sab to door apne dil ch vasaayega,

baap teri doli kol khush ho khaloya c,
doli jaan baad teri fer bahut roya c,
baap bina sikh le hun najithhna jahaan nu,
changeyaayi naal, rushnaa de tu apne jahaan nu,
maapeya di asees bani, os ghar da v rizak tu,
sab layi udaahran, te chhoteya layi siddak tu,

rabb teri jholi vich khushiyan hazaar pavey,
akhaan da tu noor baney, dilaan da satkaar paavein,
sas kol apni, maa to vadd pyaar paavein,
sun ni dheeye laadliye, tu khushiyan hazaar paavein,
sun ni dheeye laadliye, tu khushiyan hazaar paavein,
tu khushiyan hazaar paavein.

Friday, 3 August 2012



Why are there songs on rains?

After so many years of watching cinema, I finally realized this today in a rain in delhi.

Delhi Rain makes autowalas happy
With a few mm of rain, as expected, our drainage system blocked and roads were
flocked with so many ppl running here and there including me. And everyone
seems like requesting the AUTOWALAS with a drastic change in tone relative to a
normal day.

"Arey Bhaiya please Metro tak chhod do Na Please".
The Metro station  unreachable
And Autowalas are no less than a busy IAS officer today replying with complete
ignorance and arrogance."100Rs lagega, aur savaari bhi bithhaoonga, chalna hai to jaldi baitho".

So, just like me you will find so many, thousands of sperms running to Autowalas and requesting to get fertilized.But this fertilization doesnt just stops here.

Now catch a metro to reach the millenium, let me reqoute once again "Millenium" city gurgaon.

And it obviously is more catastrophically traffic jammed than delhi to your horror.
So again poor sperms are struck at a metro station, yet again, requesting the Autowalas for fertilization.

Now one daring, caring and kind-hearted Autowala agrees to take you to the water logged traffic jammed, world class designed (as proclaimed) cyber citi. And you are thankful to God that he himself in the garb of an Autowala came to rescue you.Now the God (autowala) starts the journey and you will realize the real god like characteristics of this godly autowala.

He starts the Auto and takes it on to the road and suddenly you realize that all the cars,vehicles, dogs and almost everything on street is coming towards you and your auto is the only one moving the other side. ANd final realization is that your Autowala is moving on the wrong side in a heavily jammed traffic.

Boat rides complementary
But some-how this god-man autowala manages to make his Auto dance like shakira and with your and fellow passengers life at stake.He moves at a rocking Topsy turvy curvy speed on the wrong side of the road reminding you of the GOD Rajnikant. And this God-man autowala continues by pulling the accelerator, dipping into water logged huge millennium city`s potholes and suddenly his Airplane like feeling Auto turns into a Titanic like unsinkable. Water gushing IN and Out but auto is unsinkable and autowala unthinkable.

And further to add to your happiness in reality and bring you back to the real world. First time ever you will love seeing your office building standing tall.And you are now feeling relaxed that you are having all your organs in right place, approximately.

Finally you reach your destination and give your GOD autowala his due and an additional 10Rs of tip with utmost devotion for that God making this sperm finally fertilized on this catastrophic day and journey.
At last i am safe and pluggin in my laptop.