Thursday, 24 November 2016

Black Money Interesting Facts - Funny

DE-MONETIZATION - Some Interesting Facts

8th Nov, 2016 a day which might become a question in the General knowledge books of future india,
A Day when De-monetization, an economist technical jargon became a household term.

An enthralling response was given to the announcement made by the Prime Minister, Mr.Modi on withdrawing the Legal Tender(uff!, what a term for money) of 500 and 1000 Rs. currency notes from the market.
It was like so many Mango men ( Aam Aadmi - not the party) became happy that the rich, who stack the money in there houses, will have a money which will be useless.

But as the days are passing by, the decision is loosing its sheen and an un-avoidable criticism is coming to the light. Regarding myself, i am not an economist, nor any kind of financial expert. So, i would not even try to guide, advice or suggest anything. But as an effect of this decision, i certainly noted some interesting facts, which i am going to enlist for you all:-

1). LENDER-BORROWER RELATIONSHIP LOVE BLOSSOMED:- Everyone who was earlier, unable to return the big amounts like 5-10Lacs, certainly, all of a sudden in an overnight wanted to return the money to the lender, most interestingly, even when lender was saying, "arey bhai, aap baad mein de dena", but the lender is like, "aaj hi le lo bhai".

2). PROMPTU BHAKTS :-  Sudden Streak of religiousness striked to many, the bhakts who donated  10-20 Rupees in temples earlier, started having a big heart and donated 500-1000 in a single day, ALL OF A SUDDEN, A fantastic growth rate of 5000%. wooooooooo!

3). BANK MANAGERS ARE IMPORTANT THAN THE RELATIVES:- Suddenly, Bank employees have become the new soldiers and heroes of the society and the relatives who are Bank Managers have become the most important family members for entire family.

4). MESSENGERS OF WHATSAPP ARE IN DEMAND:-  All of a sudden new era of Economics &  political leaders have come up on whatsapp. Some real analysts who cant even plan there single week`s budget, are deciding the fate of the country and politics behind the so called De-Monetization.

5). CONSPIRACY JAMES BOND:- Some real masterminds who couldnt crack there 2nd standard exam in the school, cracked the conspiracies behind this abrupt step of demonetization. Theories like R Jio, UP elections, Nano Chip or what not, came to light and enlightened every other person.

P.S:- Perhaps, i feel the people who are having multiple properties need to be ready for the upcoming decisions regarding the property.  

Friday, 11 November 2016

MOVIE REVIEW: Rise of BANDA SINGH BAHADUR, ( Chaar Sahibzaade 2)

MOVIE REVIEW: Rise of BANDA SINGH BAHADUR, ( Chaar Sahibzaade 2)

Overall Rating:- 4/5

11-Nov,2016: History when portrayed with honor, instills pride. After many religious portrayals from different cultures and religions, sikhs are finally able to find, there history`s screen portrayal dues getting geared up and cleared up with movies like Chaar Sahibzaade & Rise of Banda Singh Bahadur.

After the glorying success of Chaar Sahibzaade, Bollywood`s attempt with Banda Singh Bahadur is good, appreciable and well portrayed. Finally, people get to see, some side of the vast sikh history.
This movie has been directed by Harry Baweja just like its prequel and is having the similar animation skills captured very well with Banda Singh Bahadur.

The movie which starts with the emotional side, martyrdom of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur & his Son Ajay singh. The movie has very nicely & realistically tried to inculcate the pain, sacrifice, pride & valor from the history. And the balance has been well maintained between religion, history and movie making.

More than sikhs,  non-sikhs are going to enjoy this movie.

For me, it was must watch. And yea, keep your phones on silent and tissue papers handy to wipe off the tears, as you are about to witness the cruelest sufferings and torture alongwith the pride and valor from history.

Movie and its narration in Om Puri`s voice, will keep you in your seats for sure.

Overall Rating:- 4/5 ( must be dubbed in different languages)

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The GUILT of Kashmir



Its 1130PM, a boy, a nationalist Indian boy, calls me and shares his guilt and confesses about something.

"Sir, Mere Nana is fighting for the freedom of Kashmir, and i am feeling highly guilty and embarassed that he is my Grandfather, what should i do?"

After a pause of 2-3 sec, till the time i could recollect what he said, i responded back, what you should do is that, you need to think and introspect, if you have the freedom to think that he is wrong, shouldn't he have the freedom of thinking what he feels is right.

Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast, hamin asto, hamin asto, hamin ast", which translates to "if there is ever a heaven on earth, its here, its here, its here". This is something quoted by a mughal emperor when he first saw kashmir. And we all need to think, what we turned it into. what is remaining, is it heaven? or is it just remains. The urge to think is on both sides, for & against.

I know, what i am going to write might have a lot of comments reflecting negatively on me. But should that stop me from sharing what i wish to. If i am bound by borders, at least my thought shall not.

This friend of mine a young boy of around 26 yrs shared the following new piece with me. "

with "Pandits take part in Pulwama freedom rally"  as a HEADLINE.
(Am not sure whether its a headline or THE headline. Although Mr.reporter has laid a great emphasis on this. )

After going through the news article, this friend of mine tells me that the gentleman (kashmiri Pandit) is his loving GrandFather. So after my friend came across thsi news, he was feeling guilty; bad about it. Although, i couldnt understand the source of guilt.

I still am thinking, who was wrong, the feeling of that GUILT, or the gentleman protesting for his piece or may be Peace of land or the ones who wrote this news article just to emphasize the caste of a person who thinks about freedom, or me, who is unable to comprehend, why the value of life has been kept on a much lower podium than the life itself. I am unable to answer. thats why i said in the start.

JUST IMAGINE, as i am unable to....................!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 12 July 2016


Just Like That

We are obsessed or have become so engaged to do something that we cant sit, without doing anything, just like that.

And this habit which we all have (am i generalizing - perhaps, yes) developed that we cant sit just like that, is becoming addictive at first step, Is this habit bad or good???? I believe it doesn't matters.

But what is overpowering us as a person is the `Desire` or the influence of this desire under which we work or function (function is the most apt word instead of work), we are not able to come out of this desire or influence and are being burdened by this fallacy of achievement.

Perhaps, this is the only reason, we are attached to & are always thinking about THE Desires which we plan to achieve, thus leading or increasing the burden which we carry over our mind all the time.

I wish i could work for something, some passion, some hobby or someone JUST LIKE THAT, without any desires. That freedom would be so divine............ooops i am attaching myself with the desire to be free, just like that. :P

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Buddha In A Traffic Jam

Buddha in a Traffic Jam

Some movies are worth watching, not because they are acted, enacted and reacted upon. Instead such movies like Buddha in a Traffic Jam must be watched because of a well written script, well executed direction and well demonstrated screenplay, knitted in a well woven plot.

This is a movie about India & Bharat, which every socio political or pseudo intellectual can watch to understand the nexus of NGOs, The movie from Prologue till its epilogue changes a lot many colors keeping the entertainment quotient alive while keeping the actual question on top.A lot many questions come into being when you watch this movie. If the person is an active or dormant debate maker or debate shaker of Indian politics, one must watch this movie.
And worth mentioning is, at the end there is a beautifully sung song by Pallavi Joshi "Chand Roz"

A little tribute from my side to the movie

दल्लों का ज़माना है, दल्लों की बारात है 
क्यों जज़्ब कर के बैठे हैं 
यहाँ तो दिन में काली रात है 
हर जगह बिसात है 
मोहरों की औकात  है 

बेचते हैं खाली है 
भरा तो पाखण्ड है 
दूर है दराज़ है 
चीखती आवाज़ है 
दल्लों का ज़माना है 
दल्लों की बारात है 

रेंगती ज़मीन पर 
मरी पढ़ी सी ज़िन्दगी 
ज़ख्मों को चीरती 
मारती बरसात है 
क्यों दल्लों का ज़माना है 
क्यों दल्लों की बारात है  .......... 

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Ud-Chuka Punjab

Ud Chuka Punjab  (#SupportUdtaPunjab)

03-June-2016: Amidst the rumors that Udta Punjab movie might be banned in Punjab or it has to have a lot many screening cuts before it is actually released in punjab. These rumors actually seem to be true. If google aunty is to be believed the movie has been asked to have as many as 40 cuts before releasing in Punjab.

Elections are almost on cards and our beloved addict Mr.Cloud is certainly not interested in having any controversy attached to him. I am of a belief that the time has come when his party is going to flood the market and marketing agencies with loads of money and try to rebuild the marketing campaign  to Re-Fame Punjab, as Punjab has already been rightly de-famed by media houses.

You  might get to hear a lot of campaigns with different media houses saying Punjab is being defamed deliberately. And lot many Punjabi celebrities might be pitched in to say that Punjab has no drug abuse problem & is a prosperous state. If these campaigns happen on TV, Radio, Newspaper. I request you, not to be a part of it. As these might try to pitch in the royalty of punjab, that its punjabis have earned by there hard work. Simply ignore such campaigns which lure us all towards the punjabi-ness.

So, lets simply ignore such stupid trials and issues being raked by current govt.`s. Lets rebuild the same old flavor with new challenges. Punjabis have always had beaten such challenges in the past, so will they, this time as well. Good Luck to Punjab.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Journalist`s Colleague

Tuesday: 10th May,2016: Some people across facebook are sharing the pic displaying NDTV journos having KASHMIRI wazwan at there KASHMIRI colleague`s KASHMIRI wedding ceremony in KASHMIR.
Now there is nothing amazing or amusing in this pic. I couldnt see or find anything interesting here except that barkha dutt needs to take care of her calorie Intake. Rest there is nothing much to be noticed in this pic.
But suddenly when i saw the tagged headline on this shared post, i was impressed by the work of some cyber-political goons who portray to be the think tank and the only side NATIONALIST, left in this country (they themself think so), thankfully i disagree with them. Not that i am intelligent, i disagree with them, its just that i try to possess some common sense in me.

Some strange one-dimensional self proclaimed nationalists need to think and introspect if the post shared is actually worth sharing. These journalists are invited to a marriage party and having yummy wazwan. Lets allow them to have it without poking our nose in everything we come across..

Friday, 8 April 2016

Movie Review: The Jungle Book

Mowgli is still a ROCKSTAR!
Waaaaooooooooo (Wow!) That is what you are going to say, when you watch this movie. A household friendly childhood name from 90s "Mowgli" played by the talented 12 years old Neel Sethi in a fabulous performance.

If you are an indian who loves to watch bollywood, you must see this movie in Hindi to feel the charisma and power of dubbing by one of the most talented actors, Om Puri as Bagheera, Nana Patekar as Sher Khan, priyanka chopra as Kaa and above all Irrfan khan will bring life to Baloo`s Punjabi character on screen alongwith many others to complement.

The movie has it all, the touchy and emotional moments from Wolf mother with human cub, to chulbuli friendship between Mowgli and Baloo with caring Bagheera on one side, till Roaring Sher Khan coming out to scare everyone. It has everything one entertainer must possess. A good portrayal of storytelling by the director Jon Favreau.

The only thing which i missed as an indian viewer, was the Gulzar saab song "Chaddi pahan ke phool khila hai", But thanks to youtube for adding that flavor after the movie.

 But even after that miss, you are thoroughly going to enjoy this fun ride with Mowgli. This is a must watch if you have a kid in your family. Do show them & allow them this 1hr 46 min captivating joy ride. The director Nailed it.  Go and live the Jungle in this Book. 

Sunday, 10 January 2016


Zirakpur: 11Jan,2016:- VIP Road, which is considered the heart of zirakpur has no traffic management system which leads to daily accidents. A brutal accident which has thrown a man in a serious condition happened on VIP Road on 11th Jan 2016  at around 10 PM outside Maya Garden and whispering willows. 

THe accident  had left Mr.Gursimran Singh un-concious in a pool of blood.
A few residents of nearby societies who gathered made a few calls for Ambulance and PCR. But to no one`s surprise, PCR didnt turn up as usual. No Ambulance came for help. After all the doors found closed and with a Man bleeding badly on the road side, someone suggested to call an Ambulance which is being managed VIP Road Welfare Federation charitably. And thanks to them that the man was carried to the nearby hospital. 

Now this accident has raised a very very big question on the readiness of towns like zirakpur, where no Police Support is available. Police instead is proving a big failure in this town. Even after the call, no one turned up to ask or record the accident. Probably, tomorrow the mushrooming illegal dhabawalas are going to pick up a jhadoo and clean the road in front of there dhaba. And the BLOOD stains of Mr.Gursimran singh are going to get washed away in the uncleaned sand of this road. This particular spot on this broken so called VIP Road is a prime example of the Failure of Punjab Governments sham initiatives.From Illegal constructions to encroachments to a road without any traffic regulation are all leading to this GRAND failure of this so called VIP ROAD. And yet the system is sleeping as usual.