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Beti Bachao NEVER

बेटी  बचाओ - कुछ सवाल 

१. बेटी को किस से बचाओ 
२ बेटी खुद बचने के लिए  सक्षम क्यों नहीं हो पायी 

कुछ question जो कि मेरे mind में बहुत दिन से चल रहे थे। चलो इनका सवालों का कारण ढूँढ़ते हैं

१. बेटी को किस से बचाओ 

ये सवाल पैदा हुआ इस बेचैनी से कि बेटी सुरक्षित नहीं है, चाहे वो बढ़ी हो या छोटी, पर क्यों?

मेरे ख्याल से हमारा system ख़राब था, शायद इसलिए - अगर हम ठीक होना  चाहते हैं तो
हमें अपनी hypocrisy छोड़नी होगी।  एक तरफ लड़कियों की पूजा की  जाती है देवी के रूप में, उसके बाद उसी देवी से पुत्र प्राप्ति का आशीर्वाद माँगा जाता है।

यही पूजनीय देवी जब अपने menses में आती है , उन 4 -5  दिनों के लिए मंदिर में आने की permission नहीं होती। ये कुछ अटपटी बातें हैं , जिनमें सुधार की आवश्यकता है।
ऐसे मंदिर, मस्जिद व् अन्य सभी धार्मिक स्थलों का पूर्ण बहिष्कार होना चाहिए ,जो समाज में असमानता फैलाते हैं।

जब बेटी पैदा होगी तो लोग hidden सांत्वना देंगे, उस बेटी को किसी देवी का रूप कह कर।
बेटियों को इन लोगों और धर्म का चोला ओढ़ने वाले कप्टी ठेकेदारों से बचाओ।

2. बेटी खुद बचने के लिए  सक्षम क्यों नहीं हो पायी 

Without Menses, world wont exist
जब तक ये खराबियां, सामाजिक hypocrisy  रहेगी, तब तक,  एक वर्ग कमज़ोर होगा और एक ताकतवर , और फिर उस कमज़ोर वर्ग को  बचाने का ढोंग करने के  लिए, वही ताकतवर  वर्ग के लोग फ़िज़ूल किस्म के उसूल बनाएंगे।
तब तक बेटी खुद बचने के लिए सक्षम नहीं हो पायेगी , जब तक इसी कमज़ोर वर्ग की औरतें, ताकतवर वर्ग की कठपुतलियां बन कर रहेंगी।

scheduled prohibition
जब तक झांसी  की रानी की इज़्ज़त मर्दानी कह कर की जाएगी , तब तक समाज में बंदलाव मुश्किल है।
जब मर्द ज़नाना होता है , तो वह हसी का पात्र है , जब औरत मरदाना होती है तो वो बचाने वाली है और इज़्ज़त की पात्र है।
जब तक यह सोच ठीक नहीं होगी , विकसित नहीं होगी, बेटी को बचाना ही पड़ेगा और वो बचने के लिए सक्षम
नहीं हो पायेगी।  उसे रक्षा के लिए बंधनों की आवश्यकता रहेगी।

DISCLAIMER:- These are my personal views and taken from what ever is happening around.
These are not to target any religion or community. The campaign of Beti Bachao and Beti Padao is a fantastic campaign and i totally accede to it. But the cause, which led us to this day of campaign must be discussed, henceforth.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

बहस है भड़ास है - Behas Hai Bhadaas Hai

बहस है भड़ास है - Behas Hai Bhadaas Hai

हिंदी बहस सर्कस  की दूकान 
हर तरफ जो बहस है 
बहस है भड़ास है 
आदमी निराश है  
क्या घंटा विकास है 

जलने की आदत है 
तपती हुई रेत में 
तरुवर की छांव भी 
लिपटी इक रेस में 

अजब सी ये प्यास है 
चुबती हर सांस है 
शवों की ये नगरी 
लगती प्रगाढ़ है 

                                                       खून है ख़राब है 
फैली बिसात है 
आज मेरी बारी 
तो कल तेरी रात है 

बिच्छुओं के मेले में 
नाचता अकेला है
वाद का विवाद है 
या गहरी सी चाल है

लॉस्ट लाइट 

मेरी बात सत्य है
तेरी में झोल है
सत्य ही असत्य है
अजब सा ये मेल है

रेंगती है रौशनी
तो नाचता अँधेरा है 
बहस है भड़ास है 
फैली बिसात है || 

Tuesday, 18 April 2017


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Dear NRI Brethren

It is a humble request to all of you, stop being a part of the political brigade.Pls come to your motherland, spend good time, and if possible, stay back to improve the system. If you only donate money and dont contribute with your presence, sorry to say, but there would be no difference in 5 yearly monsoon politicians and you, who want to control the system, but dont want to contribute for it.

I can understand,that it would be highly difficult for you all to stay back leaving behind the comfortable and luxurious life of your so called  " developed Nations". But Believe me, this nation is improving in terms of money, GDP, DDP, DDT, BC, MC .....god knows what are these terms, but seeing around, at least in my part of country, there is a visible improvement.
Although, there is still a huge room for improvement, but that improvement is not just going to come in with money, instead it needs some brilliant minds and investors who can get the POLICIES IMPLEMENTED. And this void can certainly be filled by your presence.

It is a humble request to you all, during elections, stop giving your Dollars, yens & hens to the political parties, instead, pls start investing the money in businesses and in social organizations like Pingalwara, Vridh Ashrams, Baal Bhavans etc. Stop donating your money to parties who are in the garb of common men, orange color or community driven parties.

A few of my friends from Canada, Australia, US confirmed me that a few political party workers conducted parties in Canada and other countries to collect the money and send it to India ( Punjab elections) for bringing the change in the system.

Towards the end, i have a simple submission, none of the elections till date i have seen, which has been fought without the power of money. Is there any party who can tell, where this money is coming from or how much money has been spent during elections. The day, a transparent declaration will be there, pls start contributing again.

And to all the poor people of my country, may god bless you with lots of elections, so that your votes are quoted with a higher price everytime.


Friday, 3 February 2017

MY VOTE ........... MY DUTY

MY VOTE ........... MY DUTY 

The most easy question in each election is, "Whom shall i vote for" And we decide in a blink of an eye, who is the right one.

I feel,  i strongly feel that Something is not right here. I have a duty to vote for the candidate, who should go and represent me, my constituency, my area and shall become my voice. And am i fulfilling my duty rightly by choosing the party, at times, irrespective of the candidate i know ?
In my case, choosing a candidate is not a matter of a simple choice, it is my duty as well.

These days, it is much easier to know about the local candidate, we can google, Whatsapp, check social media, public life is visible to everyone. A little research of 5 mins might enlighten you.

If still i am unsure of the candidate, in that case, i can check the party manifesto and see if that is helpful. Our ignorance is the reason that the parties have started a monkey business of printing the NEGATIVE papers defaming / ridiculing the opposition and not questioning them about the actual facts. The reason for this is that, they want to keep us inert of the real MUDDAS.

My humble request is to follow the below 3 Points :-

  •  DO NOT VOTE FOR CM / PM :-Our duty is to choose the candidate, MLA / MP and not PM / CM, so fulfill your duty by voting and not merely selecting. Stop debating about people. No one can be 100% accurate or pure. So stop discussing people.
  • BE MUDDA-CENTRIC & NOT PEOPLE CENTRIC / BHAKTS:- The people want some god to come and set the system right. Nothing like that is going to happen, stop being a Bhakt, Discuss the issues and events, stop discussing people and being a bling bhakt.
  • FULFILL YOUR DUTY:-  Our duty is to vote for the local candidate only, Parties must feel pressurized while choosing the candidate. Strong bricks make a strong house. They are the most essential part of the complete system.

DISCLAIMER:- Pls share if you support and comment if you think, this needs discussion. I am inclined towards Mudda and against no specific party or person. Dont make CM/PM so powerful that the local candidates cant even question him.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Indian Budget Highlights - 2017

Indian Budget Highlights - 2017

Some Interesting and effective budget highlights shared below on Personal Taxes. Govt. has tried to demonstrate that the govt. is going to support the tax payers and are going to take action against the tax evaders. Some strong statements regarding political party fundings, some data mining results details shared by the Finance minister. Most important statements since De-monetization in November.

A few excerpts shared below.

Personal Income Tax
·         More people to be brought in to the tax Net ( currently ONLY approx 3% people pay tax)
·         Reduce the existing rate of Taxation 2.5 to 5 Lakh  ( Rate of Tax = 5% reduced from 10% earlier)
·         0% liability for Income below 3 Lakh and 2500 for 3 to 3.5 Lakh
·         Additional 10% surcharge on people earnings above 50+ lakhs
·         Anyone filing the tax for 1st time will not be scrutinized for there declaration in first year

Some real Interesting Data mining results and Facts from De-Monetization
  • 76 Lakh people are earning more than 5 Lakh as per tax collection
  • Out of this 55 Lakh are salaried
  • 10+ lakh income = 24 Lakh ppl
  • 20+ Lakh Income declared by only 1.72 Lakh people
  • Contrary to all this 1.2 Crore cars sold ( How is this possible???) 
  • 1.48 Lakh accounts had got 80+ lakh rupees during demonetization
  • The best part is that 3.1 Crore people travelled Abroad although, only 2 Lac people earn 20+ Lac rupees.
Some Good Intents of Govt came to light. Although some concrete measures are required and must be done in the days to come. Political parties are being questioned by general public and rightly are to be held accountable for the funds. Some highlights shown below

Political Funding Reforms, a Strong move by govt. in political funding. 

  • Max cash donation reduced from 20k to 2k from any source
  • Donation to be received by Cheque or by electronic mode
  • Electoral Bonds can be purchased from Bank - redeemable for a political party
  • Political Parties to file ITR as per the timing guidelines
  • With Transparency in Political party Income declaration, tax rebates will be given

One thing which was good, govt increased the budget for MNREGA contrary to what the P.M said in 2014 about MNREGA scheme. Good to see that the some corrections are being done and govt. is not sticking to the egos. 

DISCLAIMER:- this is not a review, it is just as much information as we could collect. 

Monday, 30 January 2017

New born girl - Not a Lakshmi for sure.

मेरी कुड़ियां लक्ष्मी नहीं है   ( My DAUGHTERS are no Lakshmi)

"Its OK yaar, ladkiyan to lakshmi hoti hain, luck le ke aati hain ....Bow Bow Bow......Blah Blah"
"कन्या देवी है , लक्ष्मी है ,  बड़ बड़ बड़। ......... "

A Line which i am hearing since last 2-3 days, since my 2nd daughter is born.

This is to all my fellow congratulate-ors who come in the garb of concerned relatives / friends. Pls stop coming to me like a cover up artist.
You all can come to me like an actual happy person and actually congratulate me if you are happy else dont bring your banters to me.

मुझे सांत्वना की ज़रुरत नहीं है।

On a serious note, i would like to humbly request everyone, pls dont burden the new borns
( irrespective of there gender ), dont burden them with HUGE responsibilities to be like gods or goddesses. Let a normal child be like a sweet normal child, be it a boy or a girl. If you become rich or poor after your child is born, it is only because of your deeds or may be some law of karma, but, it certainly has nothing to do with that child.

Lets make a clarity to our ownself, that daughters & sons are a child at first place and than they become a part of this social system at a later stage. Stop measuring & burdening there present with an un-realized future.

DISCLAIMER:- I & My beautiful wife were only interested in a HEALTHY child and not at all in a boy or a girl. Yeah preference can be there, but abnormally, we both were not preferential. We will try to improve to be a fitment to this social system in next lives.

To my daughters ( Aastha singh & Aayat Singh) :- ओ पुत्तर,  दुनिया बुध्धु  है, चिंता  ना कर , enjoy कर  ( If they, by an chance get to read my blog in the future )'

To Everyone around:- Please Like, Share the blog, so that we can stop the people from consoling and ask them to congratulate..... #StopConsolingGirlsBirth